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Who we are?

Welcome to the CEU of Unalome, where the journey of the soul meets the ancestral wisdom of Ayahuasca. Founded in 2014 by Ivan Caminsk and Mia Horvath, we are a universalist center dedicated to human and spiritual development, with an emphasis on sacred ceremonies involving the Holy brew Ayahuasca.

Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are the beating heart of our mission. Conducted with deep respect and reverence for the tradition and power of this sacred medicine, we offer a safe and welcoming space to explore the depths of consciousness, seeking integral healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In CEU de Unalome , Ayahuasca is a sacred tool for awakening the divine spark that lives within each of us. Our holistic approach integrates cultural, philosophical, educational and spiritual elements, providing a transformative and enriching experience.

If you seek self-knowledge, spiritual growth and inner healing, come join us on a unique journey of discovery and expansion of consciousness. At Unalome Heaven, we are here to guide you on your journey of transformation and enlightenment.


About the Directors

Ivan Caminsk, baptized as Iskunawa in the Yawanawa (Amazonian tribe) tradition, is the leader of the Unalome CEU, alongside his wife, Mia Horvath. Both are introduced to the traditions, diets and knowledge of the Amazonian indigenous tribes. Their journey with Ayahuasca began in 2011, when, after coming into contact with medicine, they dedicated themselves as volunteers in several ayahuasca centers in Florianópolis for a few years. After this period of learning, they began developing the work that is today the basis of the Unalome CEU.

With more than a decade of experience conducting ceremonies, they expanded their work beyond the borders of Florianópolis, taking it to other cities in Brazil and even countries like Mexico and Portugal.

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